About Us


My Story

Writing was never a passion of mine when I was younger. I stumbled into this world and now love that I can make my living this way. I guess I am a late bloomer of sorts, but now that I am writing daily, I never want to change that. 

Six years later, I am still writing and have found I have a gift for writing about nearly anything you put in front of me.

Why Content and SEO?

Every business has a need and many of them seem to suffer in the area of content. Many hire in-house staff to write their content but not every business can afford that. This is where I come in.

Meet the Team

The team here is a small one. I am the writer but Ms. Purdy is all office support and ideas.

We work as a team so don't worry, there is no extra fee for her services. She does love to write food and cat articles though.


Christopher Kimball

Founder & Writer

Hi, I am Chris. I am the guy behind Southern Light Studios. I have about 8 years of writing experience now and love what I do. In a previous life, I worked as a firefighter, securing officer, heavy equipment operator and in a factory building parts for cars. T

This experience has helped me generate several thousand articles for multiple clients over the years. What do you have to challenge me?



Office Support

Hi, My name is Purdy and I am the brains of this operation. Ok, not really, but I do offer support in the office every day and have been part of the team for the last couple years. I am experienced in my role and work hard to get the job done.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to get more information about the services offered here, hit the email button and lets chat.