Blog Posts

When you need a blog post to promote your product or just to bring traffic to your site, we can craft an SEO compliant post for you. The topic can be your choice or we can come up with one based on some key ideas that you may have.

New Site Content

If you are building a new website and need someone to create the content for the pages, look no further. We will take the information you supply and create the pages you need for you.

Social Media

It is important to stand out in the world of social media now, more than ever. We can create a series of posts for you or manage your social posts throughout the day.


How Much Does It Cost?

One of the biggest concerns people have about getting professional content for their website is the cost. While it is not free, it does not have to cost a lot to get quality content.

At Southern Light Studios, the prices for a blog post start at just $0.10 a word. That is just $40 delivered for a 400-word blog post that you own outright. The content will never be used again unless you choose to repost it.

If you need weekly posts, we can create a package for you that will save you some money. Social media posts start at $5.00 per post.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

If you need to meet with me in person, we can set up a time to discuss your project. I am also available on Skype and Facebook Video Messenger for clients that would rather use that option.


Are You Ready to Order Your Content?

Send us an email with the details and we will be in contact to confirm your needs.